Teaching Experience

My teaching experience goes back to 2003. I have taught across many subject areas in Economics. As a lecturer, I am interested in teaching econometrics, quantitative methods, and development economics both...

Research Interests

 My research interest lies within the field of Applied Economics, especially in the areas of Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Financial Economics and Labour Economics. I am keen to model different type of...


I offer hands-on training courses in Econometrics, especially in the following models: Autoregressive Distributed Lag ARDL, VAR including global VAR and Panel VAR, and Dynamic Panel data.

Teaching Economics

Economics is a social science that is defined by Alfred Marshal (1890) as the "study of mankind in the ordinary business of life". Sadly enough, many students find it hard and dry. I believe this is, at least partly, attributed to the disentanglement between teaching material and everyday life. Teaching Economics should...

In Progress

Work Experience


Lecturer in Economics

Lecturer in Economics at Swansea University, UK.

Teaching Assistant

Graduate Teaching Assistant at Swansea University, UK.

Lecturer and Vice Technical Manager

Lecturer at the Institute of Professional Accountants, Egypt.